YouTube Gaming expands to four new countries

YouTube Gaming expands to four new countriesYouTube Gaming made a successful debut in the summer of 2015, when it arrived in the United States and the United Kingdom. And it’s finally arrived in a few other countries, as the mobile app is now available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, for both Android and iOS devices.

This sort-of lives up to YouTube’s promise from 2015, where the video sharing giant owned by Google said that its Gaming app would be available in “many more countries” soon. And the arrival of YouTube Gaming in the aforementioned countries is just part of this week’s gaming-related offerings from the company, as the app has become better and mo

YouTube added some new features to Gaming, including the ability to capture mobile gameplay, and Sponsorships, which allow viewers to provide financial support to their favorite YouTube creators, allowing content makers to monetize their work. Another feature worth mentioning is the long-awaited debut of a pop-out Android video player that lets users watch videos or livestreams while operating other apps on their devices.

The desktop version is also getting updated as of today. YouTube simplified Gaming’s user experience for desktop, eliminating sidebars from the UX. A new “Live” tab on the desktop homepage allows users to view top streams and games, and new pages also let users manage their favorite games and channels they are currently subscribed to.

Live game streaming is indeed gaining traction as the nascent space keeps growing, and YouTube has done what it could on this new update to keep up with main competitor Twitch, which is currently the leader in live video. And with gaming video content now generating close to $4 billion in spending, Google wants to monetize this area, and the changes made to YouTube Gaming underscore this aspect of the tech giant’s business strategy.