Xbox 720 Rumors: Next-Gen Xbox Might Include Skype Integration

A brand new job posting at Microsoft is inviting London-based individuals to apply for Lead Program Manager for the console still popularly referred to as the Xbox 720. As this job was posted under Microsoft’s Skype division, this may likely mean the new Microsoft Xbox will feature some sort of Skype integration.

This integration, as described briefly in the job opening, would entail “enabling amazing new in-game and in-console voice and video experiences” for Microsoft’s next-gen gaming console. The job is one of a time-critical nature, according to Microsoft, due to the lead times required for such an initiative.

We’re not sure yet how Microsoft exactly plans to utilize Skype in relation to the next-gen Xbox, but it’s a fair guess that such a feature would allow users to watch and hear their opponents while playing games on the console. Indeed, this sounds like an interesting new feature that could enrich one’s gaming experience and make it even more exciting.

On a related front, this may finally answer the question of why Microsoft acquired Skype little more than a year ago for $8.5 billion in US currency. Already quite popular as a stand-alone application since its introduction in 2003, Skype became a division of Microsoft following its acquisition.

Still, many wondered why Microsoft would pony up such a large amount of money for something that wouldn’t be changing much aside from its introduction as a Windows Phone app. As evidenced by the Lead Program manager job opening, Skype may be more than just a bit player after all for the Redmond, WA multi-billion dollar enterprise.