Windows Phone Could Overtake BlackBerry As Third Most Popular OS in The U.S.

Nobody is realistically expecting Windows Phone 8 to dominate the smartphone market once the new platform is released later on in the year. Apple will be releasing iOS 6 with its next-generation iPhone, and Google Android continues to be the platform of choice for the majority of smartphone manufacturers.

But if Microsoft can take comfort in one thing, it’s the possibility that Windows Phone 8 will at least move up to third place behind iOS and Android, overtaking Research in Motion’s BlackBerry operating system.

According to, there is a good chance, based on StatCounter results, that Windows Phone will have a larger market share than BlackBerry by November of this year. Current StatCounter trends were used as the basis for the site’s assessment that Windows Phone may move up to third, albeit still quite a good distance behind Android and iOS.

As RIM continues to struggle with its own financial woes and frequent shakeups within the organization, its BlackBerry 10 OS has been delayed numerous times and is now expected to be launched early next year.

Microsoft, on the other hand, remains quite hopeful regarding the prospects of its new products due for a late 2012 release, which also include the Surface Tablet and Windows 8. Currently, Microsoft owns a 2.7 percent share of the market as of the end of Q2 2012, up from 1.6 percent year-on-year.

RIM, on the other hand, dropped from 11.7 to 5.2 percent from last year’s second quarter. The release of these new products just might be the push Microsoft needs to overtake the troubled Canadian company for third in the OS race.