Walmart Runs Tests for Self-Checkout with Use of iPhone

According to Reuters, Walmart Stores Inc. (NASDAQ:WMT) has started tests on its “Scan and Go” virtual checkout system, wherein customers can use their Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone to checkout their own items at a specifically designated counter.

Sources say, there had been a few Walmart employees that were invited to participate in dry runs for the checkout system at one of Walmart’s supercenters in Rogers, Ark. This innovation is expected to improve Walmart’s profit margin by saving the retail chain millions in operational costs.

However, this is not a new process for Walmart, as the company has installed self-checkout lanes in many of their outlets. Touchscreen technology in these selected Walmart stores lets consumers scan the items that they buy, thereby allowing them to facilitate the purchase themselves.

This is expected to be a game-changing innovation in the field of self-checkout technology that, on the customers’ end, could save them a lot of time and allow them to use their iPhones in yet another practical way. A special iPhone application would be used to scan all items upon checkout – it need not be one item at a time, as a complete shopping list can be scanned at the counter.

Last November 2011, Apple released an application for the iOS mobile platform that would facilitate self-checkout. Easy Pay would enable users to use their iPhone to independently pay for any item they purchase; the app has been used extensively since last year’s Black Friday and Christmas shopping seasons.