Verizon Preparing for iPhone 5 Release By Opening Stores Early

In anticipation of a very busy and chaotic iPhone 5 release day on Friday, Verizon Wireless retail stores will be open at 8 AM local time on September 21.

This finally confirms earlier rumors that Big Red’s retail outlets would prepare for possibly the biggest iPhone launch in history by opening the doors a bit early to accommodate the throngs of customers clamoring for an iPhone 5.

According to the Verizon Wireless online store locator, there are several stores that would open at the designated time, under “Special Hours.” While it would be foolhardy not to expect large crowds at these Verizon stores, these would most likely not be as large as the crowds at Apple’s retail stores.

And it’s a more viable option for those who live next to a Verizon Wireless outlet; most pre-orders could take at least two to three weeks to arrive, so it does make more sense to wait till the 21st to buy the phone in person.

Also included in the “Special Hours” guidelines are the official Verizon Wireless kiosks at malls across the United States. This would be another way for buyers to avoid the madness associated with buying at an Apple Store, to say little of the many individuals expected to camp outside these stores while waiting for the doors to open.

It is advised that buyers call their nearest Verizon Wireless store for confirmation on opening times and availability, just to be sure of things before heading out to buy the new iPhone 5.