Vancouver woman with 14 distracted driving tickets finally banned from road

Vancouver woman with 14 distracted driving tickets finally banned from roadA female driver from Vancouver who made the news last month for picking up her 14th distracted driving ticket in five years has been suspended from driving, according to reports from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The RCMP was light on details, not specifying the woman’s name or how long she would be banned from driving, but said that the woman, who resides in the suburb of Richmond, was slapped with a driving prohibition. Most recently, she added another distracted driving ticket to her list of offenses, after nearly hitting a police cruiser. Both the Richmond RCMP department and the Vancouver Police Department followed procedure, sending reports to Road Safety BC, British Columbia’s department responsible for banning drivers.

“As a result of our interaction with the driver, a subsequent interaction with another police agency, and our concern for public safety, we forwarded a detailed report to Road Safety BC (previously known as the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles),” said a prepared statement from Cpl. Dennis Hwang of the Richmond RCMP. “The driver in question is now prohibited from driving in BC.”

British Columbia’s penalty for distracted driving is a relatively light $167 CAD plus three driver penalty points. This is one of the most lenient penalties in Canada, though provincial officials have been pushing for reforms, and have plans to launch tougher punishments for those caught driving while texting or while on the phone, among other distracted driving examples.

According to Hwang, a total of 148 tickets were issued in Richmond for distracted driving in March 2015, a figure that had shot up to 347 tickets in March of this year.

“Distracted driving is an inherent safety risk to everyone that uses the roadways,” he continued. “Our message to everyone is to #LeaveYourPhoneAlone. One simple phone call, text message, or checking social media can mean a momentary lapse of attention — that loss of attention can have serious or lifelong repercussions.”