Today’s Mortgage Rates: 15-Year Jumbo, FHA and VA Mortgage Rates at US Bank and Quicken Loans for May 11

Today's Mortgage Rates: 15-Year Jumbo, FHA and VA Mortgage Rates at US Bank and Quicken Loans for May 11U.S. Bank (NYSE:USB) is a top U.S. mortgage lender, which provides a number of loan options for borrowers, who are able to meet the bank’s credit requirements. The financial institution updated its mortgage interest rates for May 11, 2015, which are listed below.

At this bank the long-term 30-year FRM is up for grabs at a rate of 4.125% and an annual percentage rate of 4.197% completes the package. The 15-year fixed counterpart demands 3.375% in interest, whilst the APR is set at 3.500%.

Customers who are looking to invest in a new or used home and considering to lock in a favorable FHA mortgage, should take a look at the Minneapolis-based lender’s 30-year fixed FHA mortgage, which bears 3.875% in interest and an APR of 5.432%. The shorter-term 15-year fixed FHA loan has an opening rate of 3.375% and the deal comes with 4.443% by way of annual percentage rate.

VA mortgage loans can also be found at U.S. Bank, with the 30-year fixed VA mortgage now coming out at 3.875%. This type of mortgage bears an annual percentage rate of 4.215%.

With regards to current jumbo loan interest rates, the 30-year fixed jumbo mortgage is hovering at 4.000%. The corresponding APR stands at 4.021%, according to the updated mortgage information.

The Minneapolis-headquartered financial institution also has several adjustable rate loans on offer, including the 5-year ARM. Interested borrowers, can expect to pay 2.875% interest cost, should they opt for this loan package. The loan’s APR is set at 3.024%. Another flexible home loan solution is the 3-year ARM, which is published at a rate of 3.000% and bears an APR of 3.068%.

Another U.S. lender, Quicken Loans, is the largest online retail mortgage provider in the United States. The financial institution advertises refinance mortgage loans for interested customers, among its other financial services. The lender’s most up-to-date mortgage rate information showed, that the 30-year fixed rate refinance loan is now coming out at a rate of 3.99% and an APR variable of 4.187% completes the package. The shorter-term 15-year fixed loan, with a conforming loan balance, is up for grabs at 3.125%. The mortgage loan is coupled with an APR figure of 3.505%.

Just like at U.S. Bank, individuals can find a number of FHA loans on offer at Quicken Loans. The 15-year fixed FHA mortgage is advertised at a rate of 2.99%. The accompanying annual percentage rate is 4.577%.

The lender also offers more flexible loan packages for home refinancing, including the 7/1 ARM, which demands 3.25% in interest. The APR, which shows the interest and additional costs of the loan at a yearly rate, is set at 3.365%.

Further details on the lenders’ current mortgage rates and APRs, as well as information on borrowing terms and conditions can be found on the their websites.