Texas Mortgage Rates: Current 30-Year and 15-Year Mortgage Rates at Chase for March 13, 2017

chase mortgage rates march 13, 2017Top financial institution, Chase Bank (NYSE: JPM) advertises various home purchase and refinance mortgage loans for borrowers in the U.S. Individuals must have strong credit standing and be willing to pay 1.00% of the total loan amount in origination fees to the lender in order to secure a mortgage. Chase’s mortgage interest rates, updated for March 13, 2017, are discussed below.

As far as fixed home mortgages are concerned, the standard 30-year fixed mortgage loan is coming out at a rate of 4.250% and the loan carries an annual percentage rate of 4.345%. The shorter-term, 15-year fixed rate home loan can be secured at a rate of 3.500% and it’s accompanied by an APR figure of 3.665%.

Under its ARM portfolio, Chase advertises the 7/1 adjustable rate home loan at a rate of 3.625% and it’s carrying an APR variable of 3.906%. As for the 5/1 ARM, it can be secured at a rate of 3.375% and the loan is coupled with an APR figure of 3.870%.

Standard home refinance loan offerings include the 30-year fixed mortgage, which starts at a rate of 4.375%, according to today’s mortgage information. The loan’s APR variable is set at 4.439%. The popular 15-year refinance loan is available at a rate of 3.500% and an annual percentage rate of 3.665% completes the package.

As far as the 7/1 ARM is concerned, which can be used for mortgage refinancing, it’s quoted at a rate of 3.625% and bears 3.906% by way of APR. Another possible solution for refinancing is the 5/1 adjustable rate loan, which has an opening rate of 3.375%. The package is accompanied by an APR variable of 3.870%.

The mortgage interest rates mentioned in the article are subject to change and are not guaranteed. For more information on Chase’s mortgage interest rates, loan assumptions and terms and conditions, please visit the bank’s website. Potential borrowers can also contact the loan officer in charge for more details on the latest mortgage rates.