Study – Makeup on Dating Photos Could Make Women Less Trustworthy

A new study suggests that while men typically would prefer to date women who are well-made up on their dating site profile pictures, it also makes these ladies look less trustworthy. And as for the women, well-groomed men make the best impression and make them more likely to be trusted.

Considering the popularity of Tinder and other dating apps, a team from the University of Connecticut polled 153 men and 152 women, all straight, and all aged between 17 to 36, to look at one out of four photos. Women were asked to look at two photos of one man, with one of the photos showing him with styled hair, good lighting, and makeup, and the other one showing him unenhanced. Men, on the other hand, viewed photos of the same woman, one photo showing her dolled-up with good lighting, the other photo showing her without any enhancements.

“The guys were very much honest in their assessment of the female. They say I do find her more attractive and I do find her less trustworthy and I am OK with it,” said University of Connecticut assistant professor in residence Rory McGloin, who headed the study. “Males are so used to seeing women who have been Photoshopped and edited and they are just skeptical,” that maybe she’s not really that good looking.”

According to McGloin, attractive men became more attractive to women due to a “halo effect” – he explains this as a man’s attractiveness relating to his also being trustworthy.

In a separate statement, Gettysburg College postdoctoral research associate Alex Jones said that the UConn study is proof of how makeup could determine one’s perception of a woman and her character. “Attractive people are not always seen in a positive light,” said Jones, who did not take part in the study. “Attractive women seem particularly vulnerable to these judgments and cosmetics use is one area where harsher judgments are given to women.”