Staples Celebrates Black Friday with 25% Off Deals on iPad

Staples Celebrates Black Friday with 25% Off Deals on iPadLate last week, Staples had unveiled its Black Friday 2015 deals list, and what sticks out immediately is the fact that it is offering 25 percent discounts on select iPad models, allowing anyone who wants lower prices on Apple’s tablet line to save much more than what they’re used to.

We remember those iPad deals from previous Black Fridays, where we’d be seeing tablets like the iPad 2, “New” iPad 3, and iPad 4 included in retailers’ Black Friday or Thanksgiving week specials. Boy, were those deals crummy compared to what Staples is offering now – even older, pre-iPad Air iPads would sell at discounts of 10 percent or less. But this time, Staples has some iPad deals worth checking out this week, with the deals starting Thursday on its website and Friday 6 a.m. in its physical stores.

Getting down to the specifics, Staples will allow you to buy a 64GB iPad Air 2 with Wi-Fi support in the much sought-after gold flavor for only $449. That represents a $150 discount off full-fat pricing. The 16GB Wi-Fi edition, on the other hand, makes for a nice cheaper alternative, as it comes in all three color options (gold, gray, silver) and costs just $374. Take note we’re talking about Apple’s last full-size tablet before it launched the king-sized iPad Pro earlier this year.

The original iPad Air, which was unveiled and released in the fall of 2013, is selling for $80 off, serving as a good alternative for those who are fine with the original iPad Air. That means you’ll be paying only $319 for the base iPad Air from 2013, instead of the usual $399.

The iPad mini 4, which is Apple’s most recent 7.95-inch tablet, will get its price slashed $100, with the 16GB Wi-Fi version selling for $299 (an even 25 percent off discount) and coming in gold and gray flavors. You can also save $60 off the price of the 16GB iPad mini 2, which is also selling for 25 percent off – instead of $299, you’ll only have to pay $239 once those Black Friday deals kick off in a little while from now.

It’s not just iPads that are selling on the cheap at Staples, as its Black Friday ad has different items that you can buy at generously discounted prices. Some Toshiba Windows 10 laptops are selling for much less, with the Intel Core i3-powered version with 15.6-inch display, 8GB RAM, and 500GB hard drive selling for $299.99 ($200 off), the version with Intel Core i5, 15.6-inch display, 8GB RAM, and 750GB hard drive available for $399.99 ($250 off), and the version with Intel Core i7, 15.6-inch display, 8GB RAM, and 1TB hard drive costing just $499.99 (also $250 off). A look at the fine print shows that you’ll get a $150 or $200 discount upon purchase, depending on the configuration, and will be discounted $50 once you send in the “easy rebate.”

Staples also has deals on the Fire 7-inch tablet ($54.99), a generic Android tablet ($39.99, $60 off), a Samsung 24-inch wide-screen LED monitor ($99.99, $100 off), and much more. The retailer also has some discounts on office equipment such as mice, computer chairs, and label makers, plus a few on memory cards and USB dongles.