Samsung Hard at Work on Flexible Display Production, Says Report

One of the most fascinating new technologies in consumer electronics may be debuting sooner than you think. The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that Samsung is busy finalizing its initial production of YOUM brand plastic flexible displays, which were originally expected to debut in the last quarter of 2012.

The reputed business publication cited an anonymous source close to Samsung in saying that if everything goes well in the development stage, these flexible displays will be mass-produced in the first few months of 2013.

Since it was first revealed that Samsung is working on these types of display panels, there have been several demonstrations of the technology at work. One early example was a video shared last year, where Samsung Display showcased a concept device and the things that can be done with a flexible display panel.

Essentially, the display was bent and contorted in ways that aren’t possible on a conventional display. The YOUM flexible displays will make use of OLED instead of AMOLED technology, and are now being rumored to be one of the possible features of the unannounced Galaxy S4 flagship phone.

The Wall Street Journal added that Samsung is quite anxious to get these displays out in the market, as LG and Sony are among the companies believed to be planning their own flexible display production in the future. Even Apple has been reported to be wanting to get in on flexible display technology; a patent from earlier in 2012 specified an Apple invention that pertained to “electronic devices with flexible displays.”