Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. HTC One X: Which Flagship Smartphones’ Camera Is Better?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X both come with 8-megapixel cameras – these may not be the best-quality camera in terms of megapixels, but for today’s high-end smartphones, this is standard. The cameras are one of the primary ways each device is highlighted as among the best smartphones in the market.

But which rear shooter is better? Or are they identical in terms of quality?

The cameras of both devices share several characteristics, such as the ability to shoot still photos and shoot conventional videos at 1080p HD resolution. Several resolution levels are available on both devices, and the overall pixel resolution on each camera is 3164 x 2448 – experts believe 8-megapixel quality doesn’t differ much from the 12-megapixel quality on, say, a Sony Xperia S.

If you’re thinking of using the camera on either device to shoot videos for Facebook or YouTube upload, there are options that can help you optimize the videos for each site or app.

In terms of actual quality, though, the answer to the question “which camera is best?” is mostly relative. Some prefer the One X’s camera, others prefer that on the Galaxy S3.

Nevertheless, the Galaxy S3’s camera appeals to those who prefer a sharper picture overall. The One X highlights darker colors, such as black, though the photos taken on this phone aren’t bad at all. The Galaxy S3 tends to minimize contrast as opposed to other 8-megapixel cameras.

Again, it’s a relative choice, but in our opinion, we’d go with the Galaxy S3’s camera most, if not all of the time.