Samsung Galaxy S3 Signal Problem Appears For Verizon Customers

Most Samsung Galaxy S3 owners, at least the ones who aren’t on Verizon, may not know this, but a lot of Verizon subscribers have experienced signal problems with their Galaxy S3 from the moment they got the handset. These issues include an inability to connect properly to 4G LTE, problems with 3G connectivity and even poor Wi-Fi connectivity at times.

Since Verizon released its Galaxy S3 variant in July, there have been several posts on the carrier’s online forum complaining about the signal issues.

The thread discussing the signal was started in July, and as of this week, there are still people registering their complaints on there. And that isn’t even mentioning other tech sites, where Verizon Galaxy S3 users have also taken to, in an effort to share their concerns and complain about them.

A manual workaround was shared on the Verizon forum, and some owners claim it has worked for them. This would involve turning off the phone, removing the SIM card and battery, waiting “a few minutes”, placing the battery but not the SIM card back in, turning on the phone then turning it off again, removing the battery, placing both battery and SIM inside with the back cover, then turning on the S3.

Though there are nine individual steps, it’s quite a simple process, but it would definitely better if Verizon would do something on its end to take care of the connectivity issues. The carrier hasn’t announced any plans so far regarding an update or bug fix to rectify things.