Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS Update: T-Mobile USA Confirms Galaxy S2 ICS Update Coming on June 11

Thanks to T-Mobile USA not offering the Apple iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has established its position as the best-selling phone on America’s fourth-largest carrier. Despite all this, the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 is one of the few versions of Samsung’s former flagship phone that still run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the second-most recent version available.

That should all be changing come June 11. T-Mobile announced via Facebook that their Galaxy S2 will finally run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with downloads available via Samsung Kies. Even better yet, it won’t be a vanilla version if rumors are accurate and the update includes a special Samsung UI for T-Mobile customers.

As mentioned above, this will not be an over-the-air update, as clarified by T-Mobile not long after they posted news about the upgrade. Using Samsung Kies is quite easy, as all one would have to do is plug the Galaxy S2 into the computer then initiate the update by starting up the software.

In other Samsung Galaxy and T-Mobile news, the Galaxy S3 has been rumored to launch on T-Mobile on the 20th of June. There is a possibility that this Galaxy S3 may likely be quite similar to the international version that launched in Europe and the Middle East last week, as T-Mobile is the only major US carrier without its own LTE network.

However, most are now expecting the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 to come with the same dual-core Snapdragon CPU rumored to power other American versions of the device.