Samsung Galaxy Note 2 May Be Released Soon On Verizon

Verizon is generally thought of as the last of five carriers to release its version of the new Galaxy Note 2 phablet from Samsung. Earlier rumors have suggested release dates of November 27 or 29 for the Verizon Galaxy Note 2, although the carrier has not confirmed anything to the press. The device’s Verizon release may be earlier than that, as demo units have been sighted at Best Buy outlets in the United States.

Photo credit: Droid-Life

Photos of the demo units were posted on Droid-Life, and while they are obviously not for sale, this is a good sign that it might not even be two weeks before Verizon releases Samsung’s newest and best phone-tablet combo yet.

The photos show that the home button with Verizon logo is prominently displayed as one of the Verizon Galaxy Note 2’s key features. A lot of consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the button, some finding it a minor annoyance, others wondering openly why Verizon would want to blatantly advertise itself through something as simple as the home button.

Fortunately, a universally-appreciated feature also appears to be present. The demo units were seen running the Multi Window feature of the Galaxy Note 2, a boon for multi-taskers everywhere.

The Verizon Galaxy Note 2, according to the images, will sell for $799.99 without a carrier contract, although, this may be a Best Buy exclusive price; the retailer usually sells Android phones at a higher price than the carriers do. The Galaxy Note 2’s two-year contract price point is $299.99, same as all other carriers except T-Mobile, which offers the device for $379.99 on contract.