Samsung Galaxy Camera Pre-Orders Start in the UK

The Samsung Galaxy Camera, a device first seen at IFA 2012, is a unique point-and-shoot camera that mixes in some of the functionalities of your average high-end smartphone. In fact, it borrows a lot of elements from the Galaxy S3, Samsung’s erstwhile flagship handset.

That’s what sets the Galaxy Camera apart from the average point-and-shoot. And customers in the United Kingdom can now pre-order the peculiar, yet functional little shooter from two of the UK’s largest gadget retailers.

Both Clove and Expansys are offering the Galaxy Camera on pre-order, albeit with different prices. Expansys has it cheaper by a few quid at £419.99; Clove is offering the camera for £435.00, a difference of just 15 pounds but nonetheless negligible enough for most buyers. The Galaxy Camera is slowly being rolled out and released around the world, and this should make a nice gift idea for point-and-shoot camera enthusiasts who also consider Android as their mobile platform of choice.

The Galaxy Camera is an Android-powered camera, which further adds to its uniqueness – it comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box, and not Android 4.0 like the Galaxy S3. It has the same quad-core Exynos processor found underneath the S3, though only has 8 GB internal memory; the Galaxy S3 comes in options with 16, 32 and 64 GB storage.

The device also has a 4.8-inch HD display like the S3 and HDMI support. Camera-related specs are as follows – 16-megapixel camera sensor, Xenon flash and 21x optical zoom. The device is expected to ship on November 12 on Clove and November 18 on Expansys.