New Samsung Brand Names Registered with US Patents

The Galaxy family may be getting bigger soon, as implied by recent patent applications from Samsung.

The names Galaxy Amp, Galaxy Helm and Galaxy Rush were reportedly registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office last Monday, May 21. Since these devices were filed under “smartphones”, we’d assume these three would represent the future of the South Korean company’s Galaxy line.

Could this be Samsung doing away with the Galaxy S format for their upcoming devices?

It might be, but then again, these three might be lower-end Galaxy variants, given their slightly quirky names. It’s all open to interpretation, really. For example, we can surmise the Galaxy Amp would focus on sophisticated audio support. But the Rush and Helm codenames leave us a bit stumped, to be perfectly honest.

At the end of the day, Samsung may not even be using these names. They just might be decoys to throw off potential rumor mongers. This technique has been used before – using “dummy” codenames for erstwhile unreleased devices to avoid potential leakage of features and specs. And Samsung has been known for registering some of the most offbeat device names, most of which they never ended up using.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S3 finally launched in 28 countries, however delays may be forthcoming, particularly for those who pre-ordered the Pebble Blue version. As a result of these manufacturing-related delays, most buyers may have to wait two to three weeks for their blue Galaxy S3.