New Official YouTube App Released For iPhone

We have some good news if you’re one of the many potential iPhone 5 buyers who wasn’t too happy when it was learned that iOS 6 will not come with a YouTube application. YouTube owner Google released a new version of the app recently, ahead of what is expected to be the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 as well as the official release of iOS 6 a few days after.

As this is a standalone app, users would have to download it separately and install it on their iPhones. Still, it comes absolutely free, and is currently available on both iPhone and iPod touch.

Also to follow within the year is an enhanced version for the iPad tablet. Alternately, YouTube can be accessed on iOS’ Safari browser, although we believe it would definitely be better to access YouTube on one’s phone using a separate app, instead of on Safari.

The YouTube user interface has been revamped completely on the new version; it is more user-friendly and less cluttered than previous iterations of YouTube for iOS. Users wouldn’t find it difficult to subscribe to their favorite channels.

In fact, a lot of the changes were centered on channel navigation and access – this should be great for “serial subscribers” who like to be the first to know when their favorite channel has added a new video or two. We should know more about the new iOS YouTube app soon, especially once people get a chance to use it on an iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be released on September 21, nine days after today’s launching event.