New MacBook Pro Vs. Acer TravelMate P243: Battle of the Ivy Bridge Notebooks

If you’re in the market to buy yourself a new notebook, then chances are you’ve got your sights set on Apple’s new MacBook Pro, which should likely be in stores late next month or early in July. Not so fast – Acer will also be releasing a new notebook computer soon, and this is the TravelMate P243, a device that would also be running with the new chipset du jour – Intel’s Ivy Bridge series, the Core i5 in specific.

Which of the two notebooks is better, based on their rumored and confirmed specs? Here’s a brief comparison.

Acer will be offering the more affordable notebook, as their TravelMate P243 is said to be priced at about £339 in the UK, or $350 in US currency. This is less than half the cost of your average MacBook Pro, so those looking for a good price will want to consider the TravelMate P243.

Be aware, though, that Acer has not yet made mention of any possible release dates or whether it would be available in the United States.

Display quality will definitely favor the new MacBook Pro, which will likely have 13, 15 and 17-inch versions with Retina Display. The Acer TravelMate, on the other hand, only has a 14-inch variant with 1366 x 768 resolution. Since both notebooks are powered by Ivy Bridge Chips, we’ll call things even in the processor speed department.

And finally, the new MacBook Pro will also come with a new platform with a distinct iOS flavor, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, while Acer’s notebook will ship with Windows 7.

As of now, the new MacBook Pro has the tentative edge, but we might be talking a significant gap between both notebooks if and when we learn more about Apple’s next-gen MacBook Pro at this year’s WWDC.