New MacBook Pro to Feature Both Ivy Bridge and Nvidia Chips

A few days ago, MacBook Pro rumor-hunters got a breakthrough when several details of the new MacBook Pro (or MacBook Pro 2012) were leaked, including Retina Display, Intel Ivy Bridge chipset, USB 3.0 and a thinner design due to the lack of a CD/DVD drive.

Now most of these leaked specs you may have known about for the past few weeks, but nonetheless it was nice to see all these specs listed in one article. Now we’ve got more information on the laptop everybody seems to be talking about these days.

Apparently, the new MacBook Pro will run on both Ivy Bridge and Nvidia chips. Intel, of course, will be behind the processor of the next-gen MacBook Pro, while Nvidia will take care of the graphics.

Ivy Bridge is, in fact, an unusual turn for Apple, which has previously relied on AMD processors for under-the-hood power. As for Nvidia, their GeForce GT650M graphics card should fuel the new MacBook Pro’s graphics, and we’re guessing it’s going to be a good deal better than the previous GT640M.

As we mentioned above, the previous batch of MacBook Pro rumors pointed towards Retina Display.

Retina Display, of course, will make images on the new MacBook Pro even more awe-inspiring to look at. As the new laptop will run on OS X Mountain Lion, users can manipulate display size and quality without having to scratch their heads. Apparently, users simply have to choose from “big”, “small” or “optimal” instead of twiddling dials or struggling to find the right resolution size or quality.

We’re expecting the new MacBook Pro to be unveiled at WWDC 2012, to be held on June 11, so let’s hope the rumors keep coming. Be sure, though, to take ‘em all with a grain of salt until we hear it from Apple themselves.