New MacBook Pro to Be Powered by Intel Ivy Bridge Chip

Forget the new iPhone for a moment – we’ve got months before the sixth-generation Apple iPhone is expected to launch anyway. Just in case you’ve been living in a cave for most of the spring, the MacBook Pro 2012 (or new MacBook Pro) is the Apple device du jour. It’s expected to be announced next month and launched not long after that.

Indeed, the rumors surrounding this new MacBook Pro are so plentiful and getting even more so as we edge closer to WWDC 2012, where it may be announced.

The big news, really, about the new MacBook Pro is the inclusion of Intel’s Ivy Bridge chips, the latest and greatest chipset designed by the venerable manufacturer. This new chipset would be a quad-core, and its immense speed and power is expected to take the new MacBook Pro’s performance and graphics to a level unseen before on previous MacBook Pro versions.

Also, we’re expecting a slimmer and sexier MacBook Pro – no, not one that’s going to be as thin as a MacBook Air, but one that will definitely be easier to carry around due to the absence of an optical drive.

Other features expected on the next-gen MacBook Pro are Retina Display (much like the iPhone 4S and new iPad), flash memory for extended battery life and improved performance and SSD drive in lieu of the conventional optical drive.

This summer will definitely be an exciting one for notebook connoisseurs, and the main reason should be Apple’s new MacBook Pro.