New MacBook Pro: Patent May Suggest Retina Display

The signs look encouraging, as tech nuts and market analysts alike are seemingly in agreement that the new MacBook Pro will include Retina Display technology. Great news indeed, as it looks like even the larger iDevices will feature the same high-end display found on the new iPad and the two most recent iPhones.

Followers of the patent scene point to a 2007 patent application made by Apple called “User-Interface Design.” This supports the recent wave of Retina Display rumors as the application would entail storing elements independent and dependent on resolution in one file.

Such technology would allow any given object to be represented at different resolution levels – or in practical application, making objects on a user interface look similar if presented on other Apple operating systems .

If the above sounded like a bunch of tech-related gobbledygook, here’s some insight from the business community. Richard Shim, an analyst from NPD DisplaySearch, cited supply chain goings-on as the number one reason why Apple’s new generation of MacBooks, including the MacBook Pro, would support Retina Display.

According to Shim, two different size panels – one 13.3 inches and one 15.4 inches – are currently in the works, and the suppliers involved are known to have worked with Apple on previous laptops. The 13.3-inch panel has 2560 x 1600 resolution and 227 ppi density, while the 15.4-inch version has 2880 x 1800 resolution and 220 ppi.

Other analysts believe, Retina Display should be the proverbial goose that lays the golden egg for Apple. So far, it has given many a customer impetus to purchase the new iPad, and this may set a precedent for other Apple devices, such as the next-gen MacBooks.

We’re expecting this to be the case as we continue to keep you posted on the latest rumors and updates on the new MacBook Pro.