New iPod Touch Specifications Get Leaked

Apple could be preparing to unveil an entire range of updated iPod models to accompany its next-generation iPhone during its September 12 event in San Francisco. While we haven’t seen many details about these media players, speculation and rumors have suggested that the iPod Touch – effectively the highest-tier model of iPod – could be seeing a substantial upgrade that would bring it in line with the next-generation iPhone’s form factor.

Photo credit: Apple

Mobile consultant Will Strafach has just tweeted that the iPod Touch will pack a widescreen 1136 x 640 display similar in size to the iPhone 5. He further identified the new media player as having the “iPod5,1” inventory code and the internal code name “N78AP.”

He also said the new iPod Touch will pack an S5L8942X processor. This is a step down from the supposed S5L8950X processor on the upcoming iPhone, and matches the product code for the A5 chipset found in the iPad 2’s minor refresh this March.

In contrast with the original iPad 2’s chipset, which was fabricated on a 45-nanometer process, the S5L8942X was manufactured on Samsung’s 32-nanometer process. This makes for a smaller chip area and efficient power consumption. On the refreshed iPad 2, this translated to 16 percent battery life savings from the original release.

Aside from the iPhone 5 and new iPods, an iPad Mini, a refreshed third-generation iPad and a number of Mac models including a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro are expected to be in the works in the coming few months. A second Apple event in October has also been rumored to be scheduled.