New iPhone May Include Wireless Charger

We’ve finally got some hot news on the latest Apple-related patents and based on a recent Patently Apple report, the iPhone 5 may include an inductive charger – in other words, this would serve as a wireless charger for the new iPhone.

Inductive charging has long been rumored to make its debut on an iPhone, including on last year’s iPhone 4S, so this just might be the time Apple will include this innovative new feature on one of their handsets.

The new inductive charging patent would use a dock for charging the device – the dock would still require a wire to be connected to an electrical outlet, but the handset itself will simply need to be placed on the dock. While inductive charging has been used on several electronic gadgets in the past, this will be the first time Apple would implement it on any one of its devices.

This may also justify previous rumors that the iPhone 5 will include a smaller dock connector. However, if this is true, this may result in a slightly thicker iPhone, as there would have to be some space allotted for the parts needed to make the inductive charging system work.

In addition, the charging dock may likely be sold a la carte, or as a separate product, if we are to judge by Apple’s track record. Don’t expect an inexpensive charging dock, though – it may be priced rather prohibitively, and most users may opt for a more traditional charger with wires at the end of the day.

Whatever the case may be, we’re glad to hear about inductive charging again as a potential new feature for the new iPhone.