New iPad to Be Released on March 19

new ipad, new ipad release date, new ipad rumors, new ipad featuresBad news for New iPad buyers who were expecting their tablet would be out on March 16, as many tech blogs had previously reported. According to a new batch of reports, the huge demand for Apple’s new-generation slate has been so overwhelming that it looks like the device will be launching three days later, on the 19th of this month.

For such a hyped and anticipated gadget, three days may seem like forever. Furthermore, Apple announced that customers can buy no more than two iPads. Nevertheless, it’s completely understandable on both counts – the device, after all, is sold out at the moment, and limiting buyers to 1-2 iPads each assures everybody will have a chance to get their hands on the slate.

The New iPad, as most tech observers call it, comes with the much-talked about Retina Display that is capable of 2048 x 1536 HD resolution, giving the device a huge advantage over everyone else in the tablet industry. Its quad-core GPU which powers said Retina Display should help the iPad perform nearly as seamlessly as your average desktop computer.

Moreover, the New iPad boasts of the A5X chipset, an improved version of the A5 dual-core and 4G LTE support where available.

Indeed, the New iPad is going to set new standards in more ways than one. There may be several Android tablets launching this year, but the iPad, despite its somewhat prohibitive price, may once again “own” the competition just as it did the past two years.