New iPad on Verizon worth 25 Hours of Battery Life

new ipad, new ipad battery life, new ipad battery, new ipad retina displayThat is, if LTE is turned on and the display turned off. A test run by AnandTech was able to run Apple’s New iPad with the 4G LTE Personal Hotspot feature turned on and Retina Display turned off and was able to use the device for 25.3 hours without rest. The Personal Hotspot feature is an exclusive for Verizon Wireless customers and presently not available for AT&T New iPad users.

However, the main question here is whether 25.3 hours are a good figure or not. Again, this test was run with the display turned off, and the New iPad’s rich Retina Display has been notorious for draining battery life quickly.

AnandTech also tested web browser battery life (we’d assume, with the display turned on), and Apple’s third-generation iPad averaged just 9.28 hours with WiFi on and 8.48 hours for the LTE version. The iPad 2, in comparison, averaged 10.1 hours, still considerably behind ASUS’ Transformer and Transformer Prime (both with dock), which both averaged over 13 hours.

Aside from supporting 4G LTE and featuring the much-touted 9.7-inch Retina Display, Apple’s New iPad also features an enhanced dual-core chip called A5X, 1 GB RAM, iOS 5.1 and a 5-megapixel rear camera.

Buyers have the option to choose between a WiFi-only version and one with 4G LTE, and also can choose 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB storage space. Pricing starts at $499 for the WiFi-only version with 16 GB storage.