New iOS 6 Features in Spotlight: Alarm Clock Now Supports Non-iTunes-Purchased Songs

Imagine yourself as the owner of an iPhone 4S. You purchased a lot of songs via the iTunes store, but your digital collection contains some songs that weren’t bought there. One of those happens to be your favorite alarm clock wakeup song, but unfortunately you can’t use it on the iPhone 4S’ alarm clock due to iOS 5’s restrictions. Of course you’ll have to settle for another song, right?

That won’t be the case anymore with the new iPhone and iOS 6.

One of the new features on iOS 6 is an improved alarm clock where you may now use any song you wish as your wakeup song on the alarm clock. This feature is available on the iOS 6 beta version, and unlike previous alarm clocks, you are no longer limited to iTunes purchases or stock ringtones.

It should be a very useful feature, especially among members of the 16-34 age demographic – one survey showed that 60 percent of people surveyed from this age group use their mobile phone alarm clocks as their primary means to wake up in the morning.

Also, the new iPhone may make use of hologram technology – this should be a neat feature and a potential “secret weapon” for the upcoming handset in its quest to bring Apple back on top of the smartphone heap.

According to Businessweek, the iPhone may eventually be able to project holograms without requiring special 3D glasses; however, the article did not specify whether the feature will be on this year’s new iPhone or not. Realistically speaking, it may not, but then again, it was still a blast reading about this potential addition to the iPhone’s features.