New iMac Release Date on Track, Says Report

We’ve all heard the rumors indicating that the new advanced manufacturing processes used in Apple’s refreshed iMac all-in-one computers have played havoc with supplies, and could very well have been shoved back to a 2013 release instead of the promised November and December availability.

Photo credit: Apple

However, 9to5Mac disputes all of this, and suggests that the new machines could be available to purchase as originally promised by the Cupertino-based electronics giant.

Citing unnamed sources, the website claims that the 21.5-inch models are already finding their way to Apple’s distribution hubs in the United States and other major markets ahead of being made officially available towards the end of the month both online and in physical locations.

Likewise, the 27-inch iMacs are also supposedly on track for a December launch, but with a twist. 9to5Mac says that the odds are good that the larger model would be available online at around the same time Apple will start offering the 21.5-inch one.

However, the supply situation could still be very bad all throughout the quarter. Apple CEO Tim Cook has admitted that the company’s manufacturing partners could take a while to ramp up production of the new computers.

The speculation on manufacturing issues has centered on the process used to create the all-in-ones’ zero-gap display, which has supposedly had poor yields. The welding process that joins together aluminum pieces for the new iMac’s chassis also reportedly caused plenty of manufacturing problems.

Still, Apple’s manufacturing partners may have had better yields than earlier rumors indicated, so consumers waiting for the new slimmed-down iMacs may have something to look forward to before the year is out.