MS Office iOS and Android Version May Launch in March 2013

An off-the-record statement from Microsoft’s Czech Republic subsidiary hinted at a chance of Microsoft Office for iOS and Android users launching by March 2013.

The Verge said that Czech Microsoft product manager Petr Bobek released a press statement claiming that iPhone, iPad and Android phone and tablet users would be able to use Microsoft’s famous suite of business applications on their devices by March next year.

Currently, only Windows-powered devices support MS Office, but Bobek said that iOS, Android, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Symbian and OS X devices would also have Office versions coming in the future.

However, Microsoft was quick to fan the flames as it had released a separate statement claiming that the information disclosed was “not accurate.” Microsoft refused to comment any further regarding the chance of a Microsoft Office launch for iOS and Windows.

Still, we can’t help but think about what the future holds for Microsoft Office and other operating systems. And there were other announcements in there regarding Office 2013.

For those curious about what the rest of the presser had to say, Office 2013 for Windows would be released by December for the corporate market. The consumer market would get their versions of MS Office 2013 by February 13.

Windows 8 will be released on October 26, which would make it a good four months after the operating system’s release when ordinary consumers would be able to purchase their copies of Office 2013.