Minecraft maker Mojang returns with Crown and Council

Swedish developer Mojang became a household name when it developed Minecraft, a game that was an instant success and still popular among young and old gamers alike, thanks to its unique mechanics and educational features. Minecraft had, in fact, become such a popular game and a big money-earner for Mojang that Microsoft took interest, and now owns the company and the IP alike. But the developer seemingly wants to prove that it isn’t all about Minecraft, as it quietly released a new game called Crown and Council on the Steam store on Saturday.

The title, which was released yesterday, is described by the company as a “fast-paced strategy game about conquering land and obliterating rival monarchs.” Mojang adds that the title is “simple to play but not quite easy to win,” as you’ll need to make several tactical decisions in and out of the battlefield. You may, for instance, want to focus your spending on universities, or you might be more interested in a “quick land-grab” and hoping for a crucial early advantage in the game.

Graphics in the game are quite simple, and can be best described as retro-inspired. As such, Crown and Council can be considered a “casual” strategy game where bells and whistles may not be too plentiful as they are in other games. But that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in features. Mojang promises “fabulously mustachioed pixel-art tyrants, procedural land generation, and procedural insults from your regal rivals.”

Crown and Council is, like Minecraft, a one-man project, having been solely developed by Mojang’s Henrik Pettersson. It’s a free title on the Steam store, and specifications, thankfully, don’t require a high-end PC. You’ll need only 300MB worth of hard drive space in order to play the game on your desktop or laptop.