Microsoft Windows 10 Preview Build 10074 Now Out – What Can You Expect?

Microsoft Windows 10 Preview Build 10074 Now Out – What Can You Expect?With the Microsoft Build developer’s expo in full swing, Redmond has made several big announcements, including a new preview build for its upcoming operating platform Windows 10.

Windows 10 will be arriving as a free update for Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 users sometime in the second half of 2015. And Build 10074 is now ready to download, with a variety of new features that include, but are not limited to several significant updates to the Windows 10 user interface.

These UI changes include new Live Tile Animation for the start menu, as well as support for high DPI displays, while Microsoft is also looking forward to bringing Aero Glass back from Windows 7. This was a popular UI element on Windows 7, due to its translucent appearance. According to Microsoft, the company is testing Aero Glass with half of its Insider program members, and if feedback remains positive, there’s a good chance it will be returning on Windows 10.

Cortana integration, which is said to be one of Windows 10’s top selling features, has been improved. The virtual assistant will take over the moment you search from the Start Menu. It will also be available in split-view, answer questions while users are typing, and even tell a few jokes to keep the mood light during those stressful moments at work. In addition, Microsoft has debuted Continuum, which allows users to sync work across devices, much like Apple users can do via the Continuity feature.

Other changes include updates to the Xbox app, the Windows Store, and the debut of universal Music and Video Preview apps.