Macbook Pro 2012: Will New MacBooks Support LTE Technology, Touchscreens?

macbook pro 2012, new macbook pro, macbook pro 2012 release date, macbook pro 2012 features, macbook pro 2012 price, macbook pro 2012 lte, macbook pro 2012 touchscreenA unique and interesting Apple-centric blog site, Patently Apple reported lately, that Apple had just won their tenth Telephonic MacBook patent. This, in other words, would provide 4G LTE connectivity to users of said MacBook, resulting in much faster data transfer speeds, a huge plus for individuals on the go, people who use their laptops and other “post-PC” products for business purposes.

This new patent would also involve the use of a wireless antenna on MacBook Pros, which would allow “always on” Internet functionality similar to the new iPad released this March.

However, before anyone gets excited about the next MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs supporting 4G LTE, take note that rumors are suggesting the upcoming MacBook Pro is currently in production. This might be a possibility, though, for future versions of these two devices, so we’ll have to cross our fingers and play the waiting game a bit longer.

Furthermore, the tech site also made mention of touchscreen capabilities for future iterations of Apple’s MacBook line. Possibilities of supporting touch pad devices were mooted. This may be more of an issue of convenience and practicality than anything else, as touchscreen systems would be great space-savers, highly beneficial to the MacBook’s ergonomic qualities.

Yes, it could also be beneficial in terms of apps and game support, but personally, convenience may be the number one benefit of a touchscreen MacBook.

The MacBook Pro 2012 is expected to be released sometime next month or in June, starting out with a 15-inch version. A new MacBook Air may also be out later on in the year.