Macbook Pro 2012 Rumors: Will New Macs Have Extended Battery Longevity?

macbook pro 2012, new macbook pro, macbook pro 2012 release date, macbook pro 2012 battery life, macbook pro 2012 features, macbook pro 2012 retina display, macbook pro 2012 designAppleInsider reported on Tuesday that Apple has recently posted job openings for a Senior DC-DC Power System Design Engineer. In case the job title confuses you, this would entail helping in the development of new technology for power management on the MacIntosh line, may it be desktop PCs, notebook computers, displays or servers.

The individual chosen for the job would become part of a team dedicated to investigating new ways to extend battery life span and implementing designs based on DC-DC power.

This isn’t a job for rookies, might we add. Applicants would need to have at least eight years relevant experience in power electronics, with a matching degree in said discipline. Some of the other responsibilities of the new team member would include circuit design for Mac chipsets, power metric performance optimization and helping reduce a user’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, there are 11 specific facets of development the lucky applicant will be involved in, such as DC-DC concept design simulations, analytical models and providing test results for prototypes.

In the meantime, anticipation continues to build up for the upcoming MacBook Pro 2012 release, tentatively expected in May or June. The new MacBook Pro is expected to be lighter than previous designs, though not as light as a MacBook Air, and may also feature Retina Display made even clearer by the new Intel Ivy Bridge chipset.

Speaking of the Ivy Bridge line, Intel will likely be releasing their initial batch by next week, April 23.