MacBook Pro 2012 May Come with Liquidmetal Technology

macbook pro 2012, new macbook pro, apple macbook pro 2012, macbook pro liquidmetal technology, new macbook pro featuresHere’s some breaking news on that hot new Apple product that should be coming out in the next month or two. We are not referring to the new iPhone – while rumors are quite plentiful with regards to Apple’s next-gen smartphone, most tech journalists are more excited about the MacBook Pro 2012.

According to a recent tip, Apple’s new Liquidmetal technology is being used on a larger gadget that certainly doesn’t look like an iPhone – in fact, it is apparently bigger than the upcoming handset.

This is quite an intriguing possibility, and the chances of the larger device being a MacBook Pro are quite high, provided the rumor is true. Apple, after all, has just released its new iPad, and there aren’t too many upcoming Apple devices bigger than an iPhone.

Speaking of the iPhone, you may not be aware of it, but it does use Liquidmetal technology on its SIM removal mechanism. Liquidmetal is supposedly lighter and more impervious to damage than conventional materials, which gives this technology a lot of promise as a component of future Apple products. However, not much connectivity testing has been done with Liquidmetal, so there is a chance Liquidmetal may do more harm than good due to this potential roadblock.

We shall take this tip with an enormous-sized grain of salt – after all, the person did not identify himself or herself, and did not elaborate further on the usage of Liquidmetal. In the meantime, we promise to keep all you tech geeks updated on the latest rumors and news on the MacBook 2012 Pro and other hot new gadgets.