MacBook Battery Longevity Could Get Boost from IGZO Display Tech

Though, it is far from being final as of this writing, Apple could potentially save a lot of battery life by opting for Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) display technology on the next generation of MacBook notebook computers.

According to Korea IT News, Apple is in close contact with both Sharp and LG Display in hopes of mass-producing IGZO LCD displays for a few devices, namely future iterations of the iPad tablet and the next generation of MacBook Pros. The new MacBook Pro line, however, is expected to be released early next year, which is contrary to rumors of the MacBook Pro line getting refreshed later in 2013 with the same Intel Haswell processors as the MacBook Air refresh.

Korea IT News, however, did not specify when the new generation of iPads with IGZO technology may likely get released. Current iPad rumors hint at reduced backlighting and a longer-lasting battery; both are benefits of IGZO displays, but it hasn’t been widely reported yet that the “iPad 5” and/or “iPad mini 2” may come with IGZO screens.

IGZO is a type of oxide semiconductor that is some 10 times more mobile than amorphous silicon semiconductors. With faster electron movement, this allows devices with IGZO panels to use up less power than devices that use other forms of display technology. IGZO panels, however, are more costly than conventional LCDs, which some see as a hindrance for Apple in introducing IGZO to the MacBook Pro and iPad.

Prior to this report, Apple had mainly been rumored to release future iPhones and/or iPads with IGZO displays.