Mac OS X Mountain Lion Tops 3 Million Downloads in First Four Days

One of the most anticipated days in Apple’s calendar year took place last Wednesday, July 25, when the company released Mac OS X Mountain Lion (v10.8), the new operating system for the iMac and MacBook.

Photo credit: Apple

While it certainly didn’t have the magnitude of the iPad or MacBook Pro with Retina Display launches and definitely not anywhere near the new iPhone’s upcoming launch, it was clearly the start of something big for Apple.

That something big was over three million downloads of the new OS in its first four days on the market.

Mountain Lion boasts more than 200 additional features, making it a worthy upgrade over OS Lion. Some of these features include Facebook integration, new and improved apps for Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Notes and Reminders and fully compatible Dictation. Several features were added as well for Chinese users, such improved typing and spell checking system for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Users can update the dictionary with a Pinyin word, which would be updated through iCloud on other compatible devices.

As of July 27, Mountain Lion’s second day, advertising company Chitika observed that 3.2 percent of all Macs were running OS X Version 10.8. According to their blog site, this was an impressive figure for an operating system that had been out for just two days, and correctly called the OS’ affordable price point and rich menagerie of new features.

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion can be downloaded for $20 provided the present operating system is either OS Lion or Snow Leopard.