Leaked Photos of iPad Mini Published Before WWDC 2012

Photos of the new 7.58-inch (not 7.85-inch) Apple iPad Mini/iPad Nano were posted on the website ZooGue Friday, three days before the kickoff of the Cupertino, CA company’s yearly Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC.

That’s the good news, as it appears more certain now that Apple would eventually be releasing a budget-prized, miniaturized version of their highly successful iPad tablet.

The photos published on ZooGue look to be photos of the device’s rear portion, and while it’s hard to infer anything significant from these pictures, the device has the appearance of your typical phablet, or phone-tablet hybrid. There is a dock connector, which the site described as a “mysterious port” and possibly a microUSB port that could signify a move to one size fits all charging. Adding fuel to the fire is a new report that the iPad Mini is currently being manufactured by Foxconn, one of Apple’s Taiwanese suppliers.

Now here’s the bad news. We’ve gotten word over the weekend that the iPad Mini will not be unveiled at WWDC 2012, despite the advance photos having leaked out. This appears to be in line, however, with rumors that the iPad Mini would be launched in the latter part of 2012, possibly alongside the new iPhone.

The new iPhone won’t be announced either at WWDC 2012, but we sort of expected this, as most of the talk regarding this year’s WWDC has revolved around the new MacBook Pro and iOS 6.

In any case, we’re hoping the iPad Mini will be launched, and launched as scheduled, as it could be Apple’s long-awaited answer to low-priced tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire.