Ivy Bridge Voted Hottest Feature of Upcoming MacBook Pro

Recent reports have revealed that Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors are the most sought-after feature of Apple’s new MacBook Pros. Based on Macworld U.K.’s poll of 836 Mac users, 38.2 percent said they were most excited about Intel’s new CPUs under the hood of Apple’s latest laptop computers.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors – which were released in April – are the chipmaker’s third generation of Core CPUs. Despite being unreleased, Geekbench now shows benchmarks of the new 2012 MacBook Pro, revealing an Ivy Bridge Core i7-3820QM quad core clocked at 2.7 GHz.

Intel has also pitched its Ivy Bridge chips as being designed to support Retina displays. The addition of these high-resolution displays would ramp up the cost of producing the new MacBook Pros, possibly prompting a £63 price hike. However, potential buyers don’t seem to be dissuaded by the possibility of an increase in price.

Meanwhile, 28 percent of Macworld U.K.’s poll participants think that a MacBook Air-style case for the 2012 Pro models would be their “killer feature.” The rumor mills suggest that a thinner, radically redesigned case may be for the offing in the MacBook Pro refresh. As such, this generation could see the scrapping of traditional hard disk drives and optical drives in favor of solid-state drives. This would not only allow a more streamlined form factor, but also reduce the number of fragile moving parts in the laptop.

However, other rumors indicate that Apple could keep the traditional form factor, while installing a better battery and replacing the optical drive with two solid-state drives. Macworld U.K. says 10.3 percent of the participants think a better battery would be the best feature of this year’s MacBook Pros.

Plenty of Mac users are also looking forward to the possibility of Apple using Liquidmetal instead of aluminum in the new MacBooks. 9.4 percent of Macworld U.K.’s poll participants say the usage of the new alloy – which would be more damage-resistant – would be the killer feature of the 2012 MacBooks. However, Liquidmetal co-inventor Atakan Peker has denied reports that Apple will use the alloy in laptops.

The other options voted as the most likely favorite feature by the poll participants include the removal of the optical drive (6.5 percent), a new Thunderbolt connector (2.9 percent) and ‘other’ (4.8 percent). Notably, the ‘other’ features include the continuation of the 17-inch MacBook Pro models, which have been rumored to be discontinued this generation.