iPod Touch Case Suggests New Version Will Be Radically Different

Unlike rumors and purported leaked photos for the sixth-generation iPhone and even the iPad mini’s parts, much less has been said about Apple, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) upcoming next-gen iPod touch.

Photo credit: GizChina.com

What is known so far is that the device will share a lot of characteristics with the iPhone 4S, such as the A5 chipset, and come with the same 4-inch display rumored for the iPhone 5. Yet there have been precious few rumors that could really tickle a tech enthusiast’s fancy.

A series of photos published by GizChina depicts what it claims is the case for the new iPod touch, and there are two main talking points – one being a possibly new design for the device, and the other being the so-called “mystery hole.”

The design appears to suggest a less tapered iPod touch for the new generation, which is already interesting enough as it is; also, the wider hole for the rear camera might be a sign the new touch’s camera may come with LED flash. The mystery hole, on the other hand, is situated in the lower portion of the rear shell, unlike others where it appears in the center.

The so-called mystery hole has been the most talked-about feature of upcoming Apple devices since first revealed late last week. Currently, several possible uses exist for the mystery hole, including additional microphone support for better-quality audio on video recordings.

The next-generation iPod touch is believed to be due for announcement in October, so we may possibly know more about the hole and its true purpose closer to that announcement date.