iPhone 5S Rumor, Expectation Roundup

It certainly does seem rather early to think about the next iPhone, seeing as the iPhone 5 has barely had enough time make itself comfortable. However, a number of recent reports suggests that the next iPhone – presumably the iPhone 5S – will arrive sooner rather than later, possibly by mid-2013. While absolutely nothing is certain so far, there are some things that are more likely than not.

For starters, a release in the summer is certainly possible. The unexpected release of the fourth-generation iPad less than a year since the previous model was unveiled as well as the iPhone 5’s release a month before the previous model turned one year old are just the latest indications that Apple is willing to break expectations on release dates.

Still, since the less-than-reliable DigiTimes and Commercial Times were the first to report on a mid-2013 release date, it’s better to hedge expectations.

One thing that’s almost certain, however, is the operating system. The next generation of iOS will be a natural fit for the new hardware. With iOS chief Scott Forstall having departed from Apple, there’s an off-chance that the operating system would see a major shake-up that would give it new features to compete with Android or Windows Phone 8. At the same time, Apple could try to get new software features that would serve as a great marketing tool.

There’s also the possibility of more intensive security features, both on the hardware and software side. The iPhone is increasingly used by both businesses and governments, and these clients would certainly demand stronger security features than what is currently available on the platform.