iPhone 5 Rumors: Will New iPhone Be Longer and Thinner?

iphone 5, apple iphone 5, new iphone, iphone 5 size, iphone 5 release date, iphone 5 design, iphone 5 featuresThe MacBook Pro 2012 may be the most talked-about upcoming Apple device at the present, but once it hits stores, most probably in June, the iPhone 5 should regain its dominance of the Apple rumor mill. But that doesn’t mean nobody is talking new iPhone these days – a report has come out this week with some supposedly accurate information on the next-gen Apple smartphone.

This source of these latest tidbits is Jeremy Horowitz, editor of iLounge.com. The big news here should be the size of the iPhone 5, as Horowitz claims it would be longer and thinner than previous versions.

He estimated the size to be around 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.3mm. This would make the new iPhone 10mm longer and 2mm thinner while almost retaining the same width. Secondary to this is the rear casing of the new iPhone, which will be beefed up with metal backing. This would be a flat panel, said Horowitz, and would closely resemble present iMac designs.

Now that you’ve read the best, let’s see how Horowitz described the rest. Aspect ratio and screen size would be altered for the first time since the iPhone’s initial 2007 release. More pixels will be added to the top and bottom of the iPhone’s display, while screen size would finally be increased to 4 inches. Previous iPhone versions all had screens measuring 3.5 inches diagonally. Finally, a pill-shaped dock connector may be available for the new iPhone.

With all that mentioned, we’re reserving judgment on the veracity of these rumors. iLounge, after all, has had a hit-and-miss reputation as a tech blog.

Hopefully we should find out the real deal from Apple itself come June, if and when they decide to announce the iPhone 5 at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference or WWDC.