iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPod Nano to be Unveiled on September 12, Says Rumor

It seems like the clock is definitely winding down to the release of Apple’s next generation smartphone, the iPhone 5. Just after a Japanese blog leaked photos of what was supposedly a fully-assembled chassis of Apple’s upcoming smartphone, iMore claims that the Cupertino-based electronics giant will unveil three new devices at a still-unannounced event scheduled for September 12.

Photo credit: 9to5Mac

One of these devices is the sixth-generation iPhone, which many have been referring to as the iPhone 5. Uniquely, iMore’s sources singled out September 19 – one week after the Apple press event – as the date of actual retail availability for the new smartphone.

The two other devices rumored to get an unveiling on September 12 – the iPad Mini and a new iPod Nano – weren’t fortunate enough to get a launch date. However, iMore earlier claimed that the iPad Mini would be launched this October for lower than $200 at retail.

The mid-September release of the next-generation iPhone is consistent with KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction of a September release window. Moreover, reports suggest that Foxconn has already started cranking out pre-production units of the next-generation iPhone, which could be a prelude to full mass production in the next few weeks.

Rumors of the iPhone 5’s physical changes have been a fixture in the tech world over the past few months. The main change relates to the larger, 4-inch screen and a stretched-out chassis to accommodate this display.

Meanwhile, the iPad Mini is expected to come with the same resolution screen as the first two generation iPads, except scaled down to the 7-inch range. Earlier speculation suggested that Apple could use the same type of display panels used in the iPhone 3G in its downsized tablet.

However, virtually nothing is known about the refresh to the iPod Nano, aside from a reported shift away from the square form factor to something that looks closer to the iPhone.