iPhone 5 Design Rumors: Taller Front Panel Expected

A video posted Thursday on Japanese Apple rumor/news site Macotakara may be a preview of the new iPhone’s glass front panel. Compared to the iPhone 4S, this glass panel is designed in such a way that the space for the FaceTime camera located in front is situated above the current, fifth-generation model. Also in the video is a strange, long component that makes the camera appear as it does in the comparison.

Another implication from this interesting video is the possibility of a larger display. Most are hoping the previous rumors would be accurate and Apple would indeed be coming up with a bigger screen for their sixth-generation iPhone.

In the video, the display appears large enough to go past where the earpiece is traditionally found on the iPhone. That could suggest a four-inch diagonal size for the screen, and perhaps one that is wider than present and past iterations.

Going back to the FaceTime camera, there is a chance it may be located above the earpiece instead of to the left, just as a previous schematic had indicated. This is consistent with several other rumors regarding the iPhone’s design, and there have indeed been many over the past few weeks.

Speaking of those design rumors, it might be worth adding that the back panel of the new iPhone may be constructed mostly from aluminum, with glass portions on top and at the bottom. With new iPhone design rumors in full swing, it’s an interesting time indeed to be following the latest scoop on what should become Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone.