iPhone 5 Cases Spotted in AT&T Internal Files

September 12 is just five days away, and everybody now has their calendars marked in red ink – this is the day the iPhone 5 would finally be revealed by Apple, as suggested by the content of its press invitations. To add to all the talk surrounding larger screens and smaller dock connectors, some news regarding iPhone accessories has surfaced about a week ahead of the launch date.

Photo credit: BGR

Boy Genius Report posted some images of purported new iPhone cases recently, and what’s interesting is the mention of AT&T being the tech blog’s source for the photos.

The photos had been sighted on AT&T’s internal system, and they display the iPhone 5 fitted inside two distinct cases. The cases feature Snoopy of Peanuts comic strip fame, wearing a pair of headphones and roller-skating his way across the city streets.

A black and light blue version is available, as is a second case in white and a greenish-yellow shade. They don’t look too bad at all despite the old-school approach, but the main thing for most people, really, would be the phone inside the cases.

We will be seeing that phone unveiled next Wednesday, but for the meantime, let’s take a look again at some of the most pertinent specs to expect. The iPhone 5 may include a 4-inch screen, a faster dual-core processor, support for LTE and NFC and the new iOS 6 operating system wrapped inside a thinner, taller body with a 9-pin dock connector.

By next week, we should see how many of these rumored specs are on the level.