iPad Mini May Come in 16 Different Variations, Says German Tech Site

A leaked screenshot from the inventory of a leading European consumer electronics merchant suggests that Apple’s unannounced iPad mini will have 16 different permutations, with two types of connectivity, two colors and four internal storage configurations to mix and match.

Photo credit: Martin Hajek

German site Mobile Geeks published the screenshot of Media Markt’s inventory on Sunday, with pricing for all 16 varieties listed; the device, apparently, could cost as low as 249 Euros up to as much as 650 Euros for the top-of-the-line version.

The versions that would cost 249 Euros (approx. $325 USD) offer 8 GB internal storage and Wi-Fi only connectivity, with equal pricing for black and white flavors. The cheapest versions with cellular support (3G and/or 4G) would cost 349 Euros ($450 USD) and feature 8 GB storage as well. The 16 GB Wi-Fi only iPad minis would also cost the same. The next tiers have varieties at 449 and 549 Euros, and finally at the top of the line, the iPad minis that sell for 649 Euros ($840 USD) have a whopping 64 GB storage and cellular connectivity.

Operating under the assumption that the screenshot is a legitimate one, the German price points may vary from the ones offered in the United States. Consider that the cheapest third-generation iPad costs $499 in the United States and 479 Euros overseas; 479 Euros in U.S. dollars is $620. But the pricing schemes and available options are consistent with rumors that Apple will try to address various markets by offering the mini in a number of different configurations and price points.

The iPad mini is now rumored to be announced on Tuesday, October 23.