iOS Gets Updated to 6.0.2, Wi-Fi Fix Included

iOS Gets Updated to 6.0.2, Wi-Fi Fix IncludedBeyond the much-discussed issues with the new Maps app, a number of users have complained of a variety of issues in Apple’s iOS 6, including poorer battery life and Wi-Fi problems. The previous incremental update to iOS 6.0.1 promised to fix some of these concerns, but the Wi-Fi issues have seemingly persisted for some users.

Now, Apple has rolled out another incremental update, which brings the version number to iOS 6.0.2 and is explicitly intended to fix an unspecified bug “that could impact Wi-Fi.”

The update’s release notes didn’t give any details on the specific networking issues this bug fix addresses, but users have come out with a handful of complaints that range from poor reception, connection drop-outs and even a blanked-out option to turn on the Wi-Fi.

For now, owners of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini who want the software update would have to go through iTunes toget iOS 6.0.2. These devices’ built-in updating tool simply throws up an error that claims that they are unable to check for updates.

The next major update to iOS 6 is supposed to be iOS 6.1, and Apple has just released the fourth beta of this operating system to registered developers. While the previous betas have introduced a handful of new features, including boarding pass support in Passbook, refinements to Safari, Fandango-powered ticket purchases in Siri and improvements to Maps, the Beta 4 only promised bug fixes and improvements, hinting that the final version shouldn’t take too long to be released widely.