iOS 7 Wish List: What Apple Should Do with the Next iOS

iOS 6 gives much of the same visual impression as its predecessors – both good and bad, depending on one’s preferences – but it still includes a number of new features, including FaceTime over cellular, improvements to the Safari browser, the new Passbook app and updates to Siri.

Photo credit: Apple

Still, the apparent issues with the new operating system have dented the overall allure of the latest version of iOS. Possibly the biggest complaint is with the new Apple Maps app, which is less feature-rich than the Google Maps app that it replaced, while problems with Passbook, the updated YouTube app, social media integration and apparent slowdowns with Siri have also been reported.

Most disappointing are a number of core functionality problems that have cropped up after some users installed the new operating system. These include WiFi connectivity issues and battery life problems. An incremental update to iOS 6.0.1 was shipped out to resolve some of these issues, but a number of owners have still complained of some problems.

Still, Apple should be able to resolve these issues in the next few incremental updates to iOS. In fact, Cupertino has already released iOS 6.1 Beta 2 to developers, which includes some new features to Maps and Passbook, and the final version of this update should also include some bug fixes.

However, one thing that Apple has apparently not committed to is a wide-ranging revision of how iOS looks and feels. Adding in functionality similar to Android’s widgets or Windows Phone 8’s Live Tiles was on top of many tech watchers’ iOS 6 wish lists, and this has since been carried on to the iOS 7 wish list.

Here’s hoping that Apple really does get around to adding this sort of functionality in the next iOS.