iOS 6.1 Evasi0n Jailbreak Tool Version 1.1 Sorts Out Rebooting Issues

iOS 6.1 Evasi0n Jailbreak Tool Version 1.1 Sorts Out Rebooting IssuesMany Apple device owners were definitely ecstatic when the evad3rs team released the evasi0n jailbreak tool on Monday, but there were a few annoying bugs in the tool that were noticed upon release. Fortunately, evad3rs has been quick to release a fix, which is now available for download on the official evasi0n website.

Version 1.1 of evasi0n takes care of what is probably the most pertinent bug in the initial release – long reboot times following the successful jailbreak of a device. Another bug caused iOS Weather to crash, but the default application should be trouble-free following the Version 1.1 update. Further details of the bug fix were posted on the fit-for-jailbreakers Cydia app store. Bug fixes are also available from Cydia, and this would actually be a preferable option, as you wouldn’t have to download the tool from the official site and install it from scratch.

Evasi0n has been an immediate hit, according to several statistics revealed earlier in the week. As of Tuesday morning, there have been 1.7 million downloads of the tool, according to Cydia app store administrator Jay Freeman. Noted iOS hacker pod2g revealed that China and the United States, were the top two countries in terms of evasi0n downloads.

Unfortunately for iDevice owners who may want to jailbreak their devices, the evasi0n tool has caught Apple’s attention, as the company had recently updated its standard warning page against the practice of jailbreaking. The upcoming iOS 6.1.1 update is rumored to contain security enhancements that may block future jailbreak attempts through evasi0n.