Intel Cove Point Could Challenge MacBook Pro 2012 and New iPad

There has been a spate of rumors recently circulating about Apple’s new MacBook Pro 2012. These rumors may not be as plentiful as those relating to the Cupertino, CA company’s other much-awaited product, the iPhone 5, but they’re fast getting there. While this new rumor is not about the MacBook Pro 2012 per se, it’s quite fascinating nonetheless as it pertains to one of Apple’s potential competitors in the laptop sales derby.

Wired reported Monday on Intel’s new Cove Point ultrabook-tablet combo, which was previewed last week at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing. This device shares some similarities with Asus’ Transformer Prime tablet-laptop hybrid, such as a keyboard dock which can be removed to allow the Cove Point to function like a tablet and attached to make it function like an ultrabook.

However, the similarities pretty much end there, as Windows 8 was also tested on the Cove Point. The IDF demo was, in addition, a showcase for the Ivy Bridge chipset, Intel’s latest and greatest CPU.

This might be something OEMs want to look into, as many have tried in the past to compete with Apple’s iPad, only to fail in some way or another. As mentioned above, the Cove Point can also challenge the MacBook series, so this could be a crucial time for Apple as it tries to protect its lead in both tablet and laptop markets.

Intel representatives seemed determined that their new product could eat into the MacBook’s market share by allowing OEMs to release more affordable ultrabooks, so we’ll see how this turns out throughout the course of 2012.