iFixit Tears Down the New iPad, Reveals a Few Surprises

new ipad, ifixit, new ipad spare parts, new ipad cpu, new ipad displayHave you ever wondered what actually is inside one of those new iPads and how what’s inside could impact stock prices of different manufacturers?

The device has already been launched in Australia, and among the more curious people in line was a ranking officer from iFixit, an American repair company.

The man, as it turns out, had an ulterior motive for buying a New iPad – it was mainly to crack it open and investigate what exactly is inside the tablet. According to his findings, parts manufactured by Samsung, Qualcomm and Broadcom, to name a few, made up the interior of the New iPad.

To be precise, the gentleman from iFixit was its co-founder, Luke Soules, and his investigation revealed the following – a display apparently from Samsung, a flash memory card from Toshiba, the A5X CPU from Qualcomm (with technology licensed from ARM) and a semiconductor for WiFi and Bluetooth from Broadcomm. Qualcomm also supplied the iPad’s LTE chip and 3G/4G wireless modem.

As it stands, it’s still quite difficult to see what business implications can be drawn from Soules’ dissection of the New iPad. It is common, after all, for Apple to use multiple suppliers for certain parts on different units.

In other words, the parts manufacturers on one iPad may vary from those on another iPad. However, the iFixit teardown should become more interesting in the coming days.

Stocks could possibly rise for some or most of the manufacturers mentioned above, especially if they aren’t known for having close ties with Apple.